The purpose of this page is to provide a resource for individuals suffering from various forms of traumatic stress. It is my aspiration to reach as many people suffering from symptoms of trauma with the right information and the most effective treatment. I have a vision to take the work I do individually with my clients and expose it to a broader audience of the millions of people who have suffered excessively and for a needless duration due to lack of information and proper treatment.

I suffered from chronic anxiety, panic attacks, and severe bouts of depression for several decades. I had given up hope on numerous occasions. When John began working with me, it was the first time of all the therapists I had seen over many years someone fully explained why I had the symptoms I had and how you recover from them. After working with John, I no longer have panic attacks or anxiety. In addition, I know have hope for my future and no longer see myself in a negative and shameful way. I’m forever grateful!

Client from Boca Raton, FL

Forever Grateful

I never believed I would be able to recover from what I had experienced during my tours of duty. There were too many events I had experienced. When I met John I was having daily nightmares and flashbacks. After our first session, my nightmares stopped. It was the first time I had ever had a glimmer of hope I could recover. For all the veterans out there, you can recover from PTSD. You do not have to manage or live with it. I’m living proof!

Client from Delray Beach, FL

The Battle’s Over